A Rugby Revolution Begins Now!

North American Rugby League kicks off in June

If you are reading this chances are you know what rugby is, maybe even the difference between Union and League. Thanks to the newly formed North American Rugby League (NARL) there will be more rugby league fans by years end I guarantee it.

Rugby League is Union’s brutal brother. If Union is Loki with its speed, tricks, and strategy; League is Thor, an in your face thunderclap of brute force.

Currently the best in the world are Australian, English, or from the vastly under appreciated athletic Pacific Islands, they play in the National Rugby League (NRL) and Super League, and represent seven of the top ten world ranked international squads. Lebanon, Greece, Malta, and Norway are all ranked higher than our 18th ranked USA Hawks; the ladies are named the Red Tails and do not even appear in international rankings but that will change too and is a story for another day.

The NARL will give the United States a fighting chance on the international stage and North American fans an opportunity to experience, first hand, the beautiful brutality of League.

Rugby is the father of our gridiron game and League is the closest rugby code to American and Canadian football. For new fans at first glance it will look very familiar with punting, field goals, and touchdowns but the terms will sound alien like grubber, drop goal, and try. In the end it is straight up violence and skill, like Red Rover on steroids.

The NARL published a press release naming the inaugural clubs which includes the Toronto Wolfpack, a former Super League squad who had signed rugby legend Sonny Bill Williams (watch video) before the season was cancelled due to Covid-19.

I will be covering conferences and teams in the coming days, this is just the introduction, and a beginning to a revolution — a rugby revolution.

Union has grabbed the stage in the U.S. and Canada but I believe League will grasp American hearts in a vice grip and not let go. As the National Football League imposes more rules (even studying rugby tackle techniques) to protect players in pads the NARL has men playing a collision sport without them.

It is a hooligan’s sport played by gentlemen. Nothing could be more American.

Up Next: The Other North American Rugby Leagues



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J. Lee Graves

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