Political Bullet Dodged!

Wow! That was too damn close. When I served in Iraq I dodged a few literal bullets but figuratively our nation dodged a huge one. Think about it for a minute and maybe meditate on the fact that Donald Trump almost got a second term; not seditiously but democratically. That is terrifying.

It is arguable but I believe (based on news media, voting history, and the fact that our liberals are conservative by global standards) the United States is center-right politically. President Joe Biden is about as center-right as you can get and we were lucky he ran for office.

Now, I am no fan of President Biden but he is a mega-ton better than Trump and who else could have beaten the Orange Clown?

I truly do not believe our nation is ready for a Bernie Sanders. It may have been close but I can not see the U.S. voting Sanders when so many are afraid of socialism.

Which…let me touch on the subject of socialism for a minute. I am not a fan of socialism but certain aspects of it can help a nation as large as ours. We are a nation of haves and have-nots so something needs to change to help the have-nots. Socialism does not belong in a conversation about freedom. We, like the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, and Canada are Mixed Economies (which includes socialist aspects) and are all freedom loving countries who have served along side me in the fight for said freedom. Now…back to the bullet dodging.

Women like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris would not have stood a chance in our misogynistic society. Yet, that is.

If you question that fact check this out; we are celebrating our first female Vice President, think about that. Our allies the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, Israel, Argentina, France, Germany, South Korea, and Norway have all had or have elected female national leaders — even Pakistan and Turkey have had elected female leaders. The list is so much longer but I hope you get my point. Maybe one day we will actually be the forward thinking beacon of hope we claim to be.

So, had Joe Biden not stepped in at close to the last minute we would very likely (almost certainly) be looking at four more years of the Trump Authoritarian style and who knows if our democracy could have survived the incompetence of his revolving door of ‘yes-folk’ whose allegiances were to the man not our nation.

I think it is very safe to say we, as a Democratic nation, dodged a bullet.



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J. Lee Graves

J. Lee Graves

Writer. Retired Air Force Senior NCO & Intelligence Analyst. Combat veteran 🎖 I write Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, and a bit about life & stuff.