The Human Parasite

Parasite as defined by is an organism that lives on or in an organism of another species, known as the host, from the body of which it obtains nutriment. Modern humans are a parasite on Earth.

We have “evolved” to the point where we take from our planet, depleting resources, and give nothing of significance back. Even in death our embalmed bodies return nothing.

Sure, people are starting to be buried in tree pods and the like but it is not enough.

Our cities are like the mite-caused scabies, highway systems like cutaneous larva migrans of the hookworm, and our trash (mountains of trash) is like the blood spots that are telltale signs of bed bugs.

We have become a blight in our pursuit of social and cultural superiority. We are far from superior. We serve no purpose but our own.

Our planet deserves better, life that shares our planet with us deserves better. A fundamental change focused on creating at least an equilibrium with our global home must be the focus all governments — especially ours in the U.S.

We need less of a focus on individual legacy and more focus on leaving Earth better than we found it. Reusable energy to replace the scars of our clear cuts and mountain top blasting and less reliance on plastics just to name the obvious two.

The belief that Earth is here to serve for our use as ordained by God must come to an end. We are not the lords of our land but the ones responsible for its protection. We are the “most advanced” species of animal (yes, animal) on the planet and the most destructive.

Time has come for the human race to recognize our role as the planets guardian. Instead of a parasitic relationship with our host we need to become a symbiotic protector of Earth.

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J. Lee Graves

J. Lee Graves

Writer. Retired Air Force Senior NCO & Intelligence Analyst. Combat veteran 🎖 I write Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, and a bit about life & stuff.