Understanding My Chihuahua:

Licking…Always Licking.

I have learned in the three years since our Chihuahua JanisJoplin joined our family that licking is something the breed enjoys — a lot. My feet, hands, arms, face, her paws, our Aussiedoodles face, paws, ears, blankets, dog toys…I think you get the point.

I was curious as to what the deal is. Are they like sharks; do they taste the world with their mouths? So I did some research and observations and have discovered it appears to be a breed thing and I believe it is how they bond.

While often JanisJoplin licks things with food residue or the essence of something human-consumed I have noticed the majority of her licking was with us, her family.

Chihuahua’s appear to be very pack oriented and licking is likely grooming to form bonds. I have noticed Chihuahua’s seem most happy when in a pack to huddle for warmth, social interaction, and possibly security because of their size.

So when your Chihuahua comes to lick your face and drills that tiny tongue into your ear canal or nasal passage just remember, they are only trying to get closer to your heart. Or you have food lodged in there but either way it is done with love.



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J. Lee Graves

J. Lee Graves

Writer. Retired Air Force Senior NCO & Intelligence Analyst. Combat veteran 🎖 I write Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, and a bit about life & stuff.