Understanding My Chihuahua:

Demanding Little ****!

JanisJoplin the Chihuahua has mastered the art of begging and is becoming a demanding little sh…uh…turd. Yes, by giving in I enable the behavior. I understand this but I have found a Chihuahua’s will to be quite strong. Apparently stronger than mine. The key, I have found, is to learn what she is demanding and act accordingly.

Licking (as discussed in my previous Understanding article) my shins while I’m eating is her demanding to be recognized and fed. This a summarily ignored with regularity despite her constant and sometimes forceful licks. Yes, licks can be forceful.

Licking her bowl (which clangs like a klaxon) means I’m starving or more accurately it is just dinner time. Breakfast is hit or miss but the demands always come during dinner because that is when the good stuff comes out of the refrigerator not the dry stuff from the pantry. Often the licking of the bowl is accompanied by stomping and an occasional throat rumble. This is translated as faster my human! It is adorable.

Going outside has a variety of demanding body language.

Nearly every demand to go outside starts with the tiniest sound I can only describe as a water drop played backwards. This sound is often followed by human laughter (or several aww’s) and Chihuahua grumbling at said laughter.

Grumbling consists of throat gurgling and a yodel or two I translate as I mean it! I want out! But I do not need to go out.

The need to go out is a fairly consistent plea of reverse water drops. My observations are that when JanisJoplin needs to use the bathroom she is less aggressive in her demands to avoid squeezing out a no-no. But I’m no expert.

I have found the more demanding JanisJoplin is, the more grumbling, kicking, and licking she does, the less important the demand is and the more humorous.

Sometimes the demanding behavior comes through staring — intense, head-tilted, staring. JanisJoplin will often lower her head when she stares. This is an attempt to communicate don’t make me grumble. When the stare is ignored a rather aggressive bounce off your lower leg will follow, meant to remind you (stun if you will) into remembering who is the boss.

Chihuahuas can be very demanding and extremely strong willed which can create frustration but is often an equally enjoyable dog-fit to witness. They are intelligent and loving but, wow, they are demanding little ****’s.



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J. Lee Graves

J. Lee Graves

Writer. Retired Air Force Senior NCO & Intelligence Analyst. Combat veteran 🎖 I write Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, and a bit about life & stuff.