Understanding My Chihuahua:

They really are affectionate

When I first encountered a Chihuahua my experience was like so many others; a yippy, nippy, and shaky itty bitty ball of rage. It shaped my opinion of the breed for decades. I thought who wants to deal with that?

Forty years of bias building a prejudice against chihuahuas came crashing down one rainy day when my family and I found a small handful (literally) named Chica. She was lost, cold, and the sweetest old girl I’d ever seen.

We found her home but she found a home in our hearts and two months later we brought home a puppy, a chihuahua puppy, something I never thought would happen.

We named her JanisJoplin and to paraphrase her namesake she took all the pieces of our hearts. I learned very quickly what all chihuahua owners know and what I never understood; chihuahuas love fiercely and protect their loved ones ferociously. They are tiny but have mighty hearts capable of boundless love and incredible bravery.



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J. Lee Graves

J. Lee Graves

Writer. Retired Air Force Senior NCO & Intelligence Analyst. Combat veteran 🎖 I write Science Fiction, Horror, Westerns, and a bit about life & stuff.